This course is an introduction to Pharmacy Language, Techniques and Procedures and provides the pharmacy technician student with the techniques and procedures necessary to prepare and dispense medications in both the community and institutional pharmacy settings. An overview of the roles of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician within the health care system are explored briefly.

Interpersonal Communications in Pharmacy focuses on self-awareness and effective interpersonal communication skills required of professionals working on the health care team and as an online learner. Students learn how to actively listen and respond, account for differences that may influence understanding and engagement in conversation, and strategies to support personal wellness and professional boundaries.

Pharmacy Technician Program Orientation: This short course, will prepare you for the rest of the program courses with assignments and activities just like those in the rest of the program. Also here we will discuss what will be expected of you and how to get yourself organized to succeed.

Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology is an introduction to medical language, and the anatomy and physiology of the human body using a body system approach. Students will learn to describe normal functioning of body systems and begin to explore the pathophysiology of common diseases and medical conditions that will be covered in Pharmacology I and Pharmacology II.

    The Profession and Scope of Practice for Pharmacy Technicians. 
    Federal and Provincial laws.
    Regulations and standards that govern pharmacy practice in the Canadian Health Care System. 
    Ethical and professional practice.