OTEC 150: Word Processing I is designed to teach students basic functions of a word processing program as well as how to properly format business documents including letters and memorandums. Business standards in all documents are upheld throughout the course.  Microsoft Word software is utilized as the learning platform; however, skills can be transferred to most word processing programs.

OTEC 130: Business English for Professionals focuses on correct English usage in a business environment and provides students with a comprehensive study of grammar, punctuation, and style, as well as business spelling and vocabulary development. This course is essential for students seeking successful careers in management, administration, communication, and related areas in which a high level of English language skill is required.

OTEC 120: Business Math and Calculators teaches the touch method of calculator use, explains common calculator features, and emphasizes business and personal problem solving. Multiplication, division, the memory function, decimals, fractions, percentages and discounts are all introduced as well as the metric system and conversions. Students use practice drills throughout the course to enhance speed and accuracy.

Administrative Computer Applications introduces essential computer skills required in any office career.  Students learn terminology and how to use popular computer applications utilizing the Windows operating system.  File Explorer, Windows Accessories, web browser basics, web navigation and research, internet security, blogs and social media are covered.  Students also learn email etiquette and how to use Microsoft Outlook for composing, sending and receiving email messages, managing contacts, task creation, and calendar scheduling.

Online Learner Success (OLS) provides students with a working knowledge of the Moodle online learning platform utilized by all Selkirk College online courses. Students submit assignments, discussion postings, emails, and quizzes to gain experience in working in an online classroom environment. This course is essential for student success in online studies.

Information on the Office Administration & Technology programs.  Course start and end dates; textbook information, grade scales, and other program wide details are available here.