This course will focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully market a golf facility. With unerring focus on maximizing return on investment (ROI) from all marketing endeavors, students learn how to employ systematic research and strategic marketing planning tools. Also covered are the 11 P’s of the marketing mix, the use of 3rd Millennium technology, how to interpret socio-economic trends, the gamut of modern advertising options, and how to employ public relations and media relations. Students also learn how to conduct marketing audits to determine strengths and weaknesses of existing marketing programs.  

This course is designed to enable prospective and existing supervisors to apply the skills required to lead people and to contribute to a team effort in the golf industry. Each student will examine and analyse his or her own leadership style and build on it to maximize effectiveness as an organizational leader. It provides students with a working knowledge of the formal and informal relationships between employees and management in the work place through the study of leadership styles of others, group dynamics and motivation. This course also examines the changes in society and how they are influencing organizations relating to employee and management roles in time management, stress management, and problem solving.