Courses for students starting in September 2019 thru to August 2019.

PTEC 221  Product Distribution and Dispensing Practices is an experiential lab course in which students apply the knowledge and skills acquired from previous theory courses to process and dispense prescriptions safely, efficiently and effectively in community and hospital practice settings. Students practice the technical aspects of processing prescriptions including interpreting prescriptions, performing calculations, documentation, and verification. Principles of inventory management and best practices in pharmacy record keeping are integrated into the learning activities. Students apply and demonstrate effective interpersonal communication and health teaching skills associated with the dispensing process.


PTEC 127: Community Practice Theory examines the role of the pharmacy technician in prescription processing, documentation and product distribution in community pharmacies. Students examine all technical aspects of receiving, verifying, and processing prescriptions to ensure accuracy, safety and compliance with legislation, regulatory requirements and best practices. The principles and processes of record keeping, inventory management, adjudication and billing are studied. Students are introduced to the principles of non-sterile compounding and examine the use of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, natural health products and complementary treatments. The pharmacy technician’s collaborative role in health promotion and information sharing activities with patients is examined.

PTEC 128 Interpersonal Communications in Pharmacy II explores more advanced communication skills required for obtaining comprehensive personal health information, conducting medication histories, and engaging in health teaching. The pharmacy technician’s role in health promotion activities and public health initiatives are examined. Students discuss the competencies of intra and inter-professional collaborative practice in greater detail.