Successful completion of all online theory courses as well as Lab courses permits a student to continue on to Community & Hospital Practicum usually end of May to complete by July 31st

Sterile products lab is an extension of PTEC 113 Aseptic Technique online course and provides for the hands on skills necessary for preceptorship and work readiness as a graduate pharmacy technician.

PTEC 115:  Prescription Dispensing Lab. This course provides students an opportunity to apply pharmacy practice theory in a simulated community pharmacy setting.  Students will learn computer and technical skills for effective product distribution focusing on accuracy, safety, legislation and communication.  Preparation for working in the field is highlighted throughout this lab.


PTEC 116:  Compounding Lab. This course provides students with an opportunity to prepare non-sterile compounds including creams, ointments, solutions and suspensions.  Lab sessions include practical skills essential for preparing compounds in both the community and hospital setting.  Emphasis is placed on accuracy, safety, guidelines and standards of practice.

In PTEC 119 Computer Skills students learn the basics of Kroll pharmacy software for dispensing prescriptions, inventory management and patient/doctor database maintenance.