In the first section of this course students will explore basic concepts of retailing in the Canadian environment. The focus will be on areas of store layout and design, consumer behaviour, retail marketing factors, customer service and loyalty, and retail product management in a pharmacy.

In the second section students will explore areas of human relations and communication, professional behaviour - including ethics and responsibility, dispensary management and your future in pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician.

This is an introductory course that uses a body systems approach to study over-the-counter drugs and herbal products. Other topics include the home health care market, specialty products and medical devices. 

PTEC 108: Pharmacology II is part two of a two-part course that continues with the study of drugs and their properties, effects, and therapeutic value in the major drug categories. The course offers direct contact with a pharmacist and the opportunity to collaborate and illustrate scope of practice. Upon completion, students will be able to place major drugs into correct therapeutic categories and identify indications, side effects, and trade and generic names. Students will learn the essentials of pharmacology and how it relates to dispensing and patient safety. Medical terminology is presented in an independent-study format that allows the learner to acquire medical language skills to prepare for working with other health-care professionals.

Sterile product preparation and aseptic technique are advanced skills for pharmacy technicians that require knowledge and skills to safely prepare sterile products. Through the online learning environment you are introduced to theory, principles and the application of aseptic technique.

Introduction to Aseptic Technique is a required course for preparation of Community and Hospital Practicums and a Pharmacy Technician Certificate.