Courses offered between September 2017 and July 2018.

MTAT 141 Medical Terminology II is a study of chapters 5 through 18 of the Language of Medicine 11th edition. This course focuses on the terminology, disease process, anatomy and functions of the human body systems.

Medical Terminology I includes the first 4 chapters of the Language of Medicine, 11th edition. Learners will complete exercises related to each chapter and complete a quiz at the end of each chapter.

In MTED 111, learners are introduced to surgery terminology, procedures and process. The foundations of pharmacology including drug administration, drug classifications, and nomenclature for transcribing are introduced. The foundations of diagnostic testing including common laboratory tests and imaging methods are introduced.

Welcome to the first transcription course, MTED 114.  In this course, learners will be transcribing basic level dictation focusing on all of the report types a medical transcriptionist/editor will encounter.

Welcome to MTED 124 Transcription Speed and Accuracy (Intermediate)

In this course you will be transcribing intermediate-level dictation, using the same method that you used in the last course, MTED 114 Beginner-level dictation.

In this last transcription course, learners will transcribe intermediate-level dictation to within industry standards for accuracy, using correct form, format. proofreading and transcription rules.

MTED 142 is the final course. Learners will have an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge required to work as a medical transcriptionist/medical editor in various environments.

In MTED 110 - learners are introduced to the medical transcription profession and the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful medical transcriptionists and editors.

In MTED 112, learners will explore normal anatomy, physiology, common diseases and disorders associated with each body system. Learners build on foundation knowledge of diagnostic tests and pharmacology to apply this knowledge to transcription and speech editing exercises.