This is an introductory course that uses a body systems approach to study over-the-counter drugs and herbal products. Other topics include the home health care market, specialty products and medical devices. 

Pharmacy Calculations begins with decimals, fractions and fundamentals of pharmaceutical math concepts that are used in practice.  Emphasis will be on the metric system also included are ratios and proportions, dilutions and concentrations, percentage strengths, milliequivalents, Apothocary, household measurements and conversions among systems.

Pharmacy Technician Program Orientation: This short course, “Starting with the Basic’s” will prepare you for the rest of the program courses with assignments and activities just like those in the rest of the program. Also here we will discuss what will be expected of you and how to get yourself organized to succeed.

In this course the provincial and federal laws governing the dispensing of pharmaceuticals and the roles and functions of the pharmacist will be reviewed as will the context of practice for both the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician. Professional ethics and third party billing plans are also studied.

This course is part one of a two part comprehensive pharmacology course that also includes medical terminology. Drugwise is introduced as an interactive learning tool for students to attain knowledge of 220 generic/trade drugs and their classifications.

This course is an introduction to Pharmacy Language, Techniques and Procedures and provides the pharmacy technician student with the techniques and procedures necessary to prepare and dispense medications in both the community and institutional pharmacy settings. An overview of the roles of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician within the health care system are explored briefly.